special interests


Our experiences of parenthood will be different, but I feel it’s safe to say that it really can change your life.

There may be many new and challenging experiences and insights, including losses, all of which might need a place in the story of your life. A life that might have changed beyond recognition.

Provided your child is under 1 year old, I am happy for you to bring your baby to our session as I know how hard it is to be mobile, find child care and time for yourself.

Mixed heritages, intercultural partnerships and international upbringings

This is a huge area with many angles to it.

Lots of issues can arise from coming from a mixed heritage, or if you are within a multi cultural partnership or have had an international upbringing.  These can range from feeling a lack of  identity and/or roots, the feeling of being an outsider or not belonging.  A strong need or desire to belong, or perhaps an aversion to belong to any group. The sense of being confused about where you are from and your nationality. And so the list continues.

This area is vast, varied and different for each person.  In today’s world it may be even more relevant to try and unpack and explore some of it.